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Patient Stories

Drew Bell - Part Two


This is Part Two of Drew Bell’s story as we follow him from surgery through his entire weight loss journey.

Although his thinks his goal weight might be about 250 pounds, Drew Bell knows he might wind up a bit heavier or a bit lighter when all this is finished. He wants to be, in his words, ‘fit and healthy.’

One month after his LAP-BAND® surgery, Drew walked toward the Obesity Center for Surgery & Treatment at North Florida Regional for his first post-procedure visit with his surgeon, Dr. Timothy Hipp, so that Dr. Hipp could guide the first fill of Drew’s adjustable gastric band.

Even though he was a bit nervous, Drew stuck to his promise to let our video camera follow him through the entire appointment. We stayed with Drew for his fill, his nutritional counseling and his weigh-in. Even though the effect of the LAP-BAND® won’t take effect until after this visit, Drew has already started losing weight.

It’s still early going in this weight loss journey, and he knows that. Still, Drew was upbeat and positive.