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Patient Stories

Drew Bell - Part Three


In this third part of Drew's story, we actually step back to the beginning. As part of Drew's decision to let us follow his entire weight loss journey in a series of video reports, we shot his LAP-BAND® procedure. The minimally-invasive surgery was performed by surgeon Dr. Timothy Hipp at North Florida Regional Medical Center.

We waited to share this story because it was important first to meet Drew and get to know him and his story of battling weight all his life. Hearing Drew explain what he has been through and his fears for the future make it easier to understand why he turned to weight loss surgery.

Like other patients at the Obesity Center for Surgery and Treatment, Drew took his time researching and talking with staff and his doctor about his options. Drew's choice was laparascopic adjustable gastric banding. In this video, we go inside the operating room for Drew's surgery.