• Lisa's Story

    bariatrics , weight loss


    From weighing over 300 pounds, Lisa found the solution that allowed her to get back to her life.

  • David Leach


    David Leach has lost nearly half his body weight since weight loss surgery. His journey is not over, but he's made incredible progress. He's grateful for the encouragement he got from others and wants to offer the same. Sometimes, David says, payback is a good thing.

  • Paula Darby


    For Paula Darby exercising and trying every diet in the book didn't work. After a recommendation from her doctor, Paula decided to turn to gastric bypass surgery. Paula's procedure was performed by Dr. Timothy Hipp, who used the da Vinci Robotic System for portions of the surgery.

  • Jill Johnson


    Many people who meet Jill Johnson today would assume she's always been a health-conscious woman. She looks beautiful, vibrant and active. But Jill's life used to be anything but active and healthy. That was before she made the decision to have weight loss surgery.

  • Anetra Dexter


    If you meet Anetra Dexter today, you will never guess she ever had a problem with her weight and her health. She did, but she doesn't anymore. Anetra has her health and her life back.

  • Robert Lee


    Robert Lee had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increasing joint pain. He figured his body was trying to tell him something. Robert listened. Following successful weight loss surgery, he's very glad he did.

  • Judibeth Taylor


    For Judibeth Taylor, weight loss surgery was not about how she looked. She knew she had to do something to keep from losing time with her husband, children and grandchildren. Her weight threatened what matters most to her. Family