How to get started

At the Obesity Center for Surgery & Treatment, we know that all of our patients are different, and we treasure those differences. Patients prefer getting started on their individual weight loss journeys in different ways. We want you to be comfortable as you explore your options and make important decisions about your future. If one of the starting points listed below sounds good to you, please select it. We will be ready and waiting to help you.

I’d like to attend a seminar at the center.

We have regular seminars at the center so that attending can be as easy and convenient as possible. We are not currently accepting online registration for our seminars, but would be happy to register you over the phone. Please call the Center to register for one of our weekly orientations.

I’d like to receive information about the weight loss surgery program.

You can request more information be sent to you. One of our associates will be happy to receive your request and send the information out right away.

Request Information

I’d like to find out if my insurance covers weight loss surgery.

Questions about insurance coverage can seem complicated. We are happy to help make it simple.

Insurance Inquiry

Self-Pay/Cash-Pay Option

A part of our service is checking your insurance eligibility for weight loss surgery. Should your insurance not cover weight loss surgery or you think you may be a self-paying patient, we can help. For more information, call us at (352) 331-5255.